The Future of Alternative Protein Market- The immense financial potential for investors

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Alternative proteins that can act as substitutes for traditional animal‑based food are attracting considerable financial investment, research attention and interest in the media as a pathway to meeting the nutritional needs and food demands of a predicted mid‑century population of 10 billion, in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Typically alternative proteins are classified based on sources: Insect based, Plant based, Lab grown meat. However, the potential for growth is restricted by technology and cost. We will analyze which type of alternative proteins have the highest potential to grow. Market of alternative proteins is estimated to grow by yearly 6.8% till 2022.

The total market will be worth 4 billion pounds. Global demand is expected to be 25% higher than it is now Plant based protein enjoys the highest growth.

Why should you attend:

Alternative proteins that can act as substitutes for conventional animal‑based food are attracting considerable financial investment.  A lot of new start-up companies and existing food manufacturing focused their investment in developing new cost effective alternative proteins with continuous supply chain. The impact of COVID-19 has shown the vulnerability of conventional meat processing facilities towards spread of the virus and any potential pathogen. Alternative proteins plays significant role in supplying enough food for potential 10 billion people.

Areas to be Covered:

· Leading alternative-protein sources

· Trends towards alternative proteins

· Market Infographic

· Climate change impacts of alternative proteins compare to conventional proteins

· Detailed comparison of different alternative proteins in terms of cost of production, functionalities, Environmental Impact, Safety Perception,             Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, taste

· Customer Attitudes towards alternative proteins (comparison study)

· The risk of food contamination and poisoning comparison between alternative proteins and conventional proteins

· poisoning or contamination

· Where is the opportunity for alternative protein?

· The driving force in selection of alternative proteins

· Future Trends and current challenges

Who will benefit:

  • General managers,
  • owner of business,
  • investors, ,
  • C suits,
  • startups of food companies

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Speaker: Ben Marandi,

Ben, owner and Managing Director of BSD Group is a food professional consultant. He has solid understanding of food and beverage industry with good knowledge of food and beverage product development and compliance. He has two main focus for his clients. First to make sure that regulatory compliance for its clients in the North America, European communities, and GCC countries. Secondly, he provides market research for companies planning to export their products to overseas markets. This provides one shop station for clients who plan to go countries with no knowledge of markets, competition and regulations. He understand the importance of regulatory compliance for companies which plan to sell or export their products to these markets. Ben has 20 years of experience in food and beverage industry, with 12 years' international experience as senior advisor to Codex Alimentarius and European Commission. Ben's main expertise is in product development, food laws and food additives regulations, food safety, market research, international trade and nutrition, food law and regulations of Canada, US (FDA , FSMA) , EU and Codex Alimentarius.

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