10 Strategies to Help Your Organization Handle Change Management

Daniel T Bloom

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Change does not have to be hard and in the course of the webinar we will explore the causes of change in this VUCA age we are in. We will also look at the difference between a stakeholder and a shareholder and their impact on change. Along with the strategies to handle change, we will also look at the various stools available to guide you along the way.

Why Should You Attend:

We, as HR professionals, are confronted with change each and every day. The key is to understand how to deal with change when it is presented to us. You can run and hide or you can face change head-on. This webinar is designed to take you on the path of understanding what causes these changes and using easy to implement processes lead successful change through your organization.

HR and our organizations are confronted with a two-sided coin. Every time John Smith interviews a candidate and the organization hires them the candidate does not stay in the job. Management is screaming what is causing this to happen? Do we blame John Smith? Do we blame the work environment? This is management pushing the when response. This is big data in action.

As HR professionals the answer to the when question is important but we are more concerned with the answer to the question of why it is happening.

Big data and HR looks at the differences between answering the when question versus the why question.

The webinar suggests if we are primarily answering the why question there is an alternative method to compile the same evidence-based data but in easier terms to understand the needs of the organization.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Nature of the VUCA workplace
  • Sources of Volatility
  • Sources of Uncertainty
  • Stakeholder vs. Shareholder
  • Sources of Chaos
  • Agile workplace
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Change tools

Who Will Benefit:

  • HR Professionals
  • Training Professionals
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Managing Director
  • Regional Vice President
  • Project Managers
  • Directors
  • Chief Learning Officer
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Speaker: Daniel T Bloom, CEO, Daniel Bloom and Associates Inc

Daniel T. Bloom is a well-respected author, speaker, and HR strategist, who during his career has worked as a contingency executive recruiter, member of the internal HR staff of a Fortune 1000 corporation, an HR Consultant, and a Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms.

He is an active participant within the HR social Media scene maintaining blogs since 2006 and has written over 40 articles, which have appeared online and in print; as well as published six books, five of them with Productivity Press.

He is dual certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources by the Human Resources Certification Institute and as a Six Sigma Black Belt through the Applied Technology Program at St. Petersburg College.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Bloom and Associates, Inc., a human resource s and change management consulting firm delivering and an array of services to the Fortune 1000, Small to Medium-sized Enterprises and state, local and federal governmental agencies. The firm is dedicated to delivering evidence-based solutions empowering organizational change in the HR community.

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